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Well, I have to retract a comment I made in an earlier note that I left here about Konica Japan not answering my letters to them. In February I wrote them again expressing my views on their need to begin producing a new line of Koncia slr cameras with the K/AR II coupling system so that we, Konica slr users, could 1) replenish our aging Konica slr camera bodies with new ones and 2) continue using the Hexanon lenses that we have come to appreciate and love. Konica Japan wrote me a response and for your information here is what was stated in the letter:

"We are pleased to know there are still so many users who loving Konica's SLR cameras. As you may know, we have stopped to make SLR cameras for more than 10 years and unfortunately we have no plan to start again SLR at this moment. However, we sincerely received your comments, it's helpful for us to study our camera development in the future."

So, folks, write them and convince them that they'll sell a lot of slrs to us and others, once they start making them again. I think their number one concern is, can we sell enough slrs to make a good profit from them? If enough of us convince them, then perhaps they will reconsider.


-- Anonymous, April 05, 2001

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