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I am working on contact printing enlarged lith negatives on color paper. Does anyone have an idea what the basic starting filtration point is for sepia-like prints? What about cyanotype prints? I have experimented with various filtrations with and without the orange mask. I am wasting alot of paper and need some help.

-- Carrie Tacklind (, April 05, 2001


Carrie, not knowing how your enlarger is set up, try 100Y and 70M for a neutral tone. Some enlargers are more in line with what the starting pack of the paper is... typically 50Y and 45M (usually printed on the box of paper). For a Cyanotype look you need to add ALOT of yellow to the head (giving you a bluer print) and then add equal amount of yellow and magenta (adding cyan to the print). You will need to keep your orange masking negative sandwiched. Hope this helps.

-- Scott Walton (, April 05, 2001.

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