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I must say...

AEON FLUX has added a most incredible dimension in my life. The only other thing that comes close is the Matrix. Peter Chung, I celebrate and revere the work you put into the series, and can only wonder about how the idea came about, the events leading up to presenting your idea to MTV, and how it came to an end. Drew Neumann...without your well placed sounds/themes, that series could not have been as incredible as it is. (many many, many thanks)

Anyway, My question is regarding Utopia or Deutoronopia: When AEON ties Trevor up in her little "workshop," what do you think she was going to ask him after Gildemere left the room "Well, what do you...(think? want to do?)" She pulled him up to that room to keep him occupied while Gildemere combed through Trevor's bedroom. What do you think AEON's secondary intentions were (if there were any) with Trevor Goodchild?

-- Lisa Metzke (, April 05, 2001


To Tease and torment him.

-- Isis (, April 28, 2001.

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