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I know that I an very interested and a bunch of my family and friends and coworkers (all of which I have gotten addicted to Junkyard Wars), about maybe producing some sort of apparel relating to the show. The usual things, Shirts, hats, jumpsuits. I would pay good money to have a shirt that said something like, "One man's Junk is another man's War!"... or even personalized coveralls like the contestants wear on the show. You could sell them with whatever "team name" the purchaser wants on the back. Just a couple ideas, I know I would definitly buy. Thanks, Dan

-- Dan Bragg (, April 05, 2001


If you can find him, or just get him to return your e-mail, Jeff with the N.E.R.D.S. does have N.E.R.D.S. T-Shirts for sale. Just go to their website.

-- Joey Falgout (Broadcast Junkies) (, April 05, 2001.

We asked for permission to use the JYW logo on shirts etc. and got the go ahead from RDF,but, have not heard from TLC as yet. TLC has the final say since they bought the show ( at least that is what I was told) and we wouldn't want to make a bunch of things we couldn't sell. Tom is in the business and makes shirts and stuff for people all over the country. As soon as we hear we will have a site with the stuff on it.


-- JustJay-captain-Three Rusty Juveniles (, April 05, 2001.

Think big! Let's go all out for the JYW line of products. Like: "Really Big Kids Meals" from Burger King that include items of scrap metal with every meal. Collect all 6 bazillion pieces and you can build whatever you want.

Or cereal shaped like stuff from the junkyard. Yum,yum, and educational--you could build a hovercraft in your bowl and eat it.

Just kidding. The shirts sound good,I'd buy one.

-- Michael (, April 05, 2001.

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