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I would like to see if the teams could construct these swamp buggies in 10 hours and race them through a swampy area.

-- Michael Rowe (, April 04, 2001


OK, anyone count how many times we discussed this one this MONTH???

-- Joey Falgout (Broadcast Junkies) (, April 04, 2001.

shoot there joey! i dun run out a fingers and toes here with me,my wife(i call here sis) and the 9 kids...dats jus how many tymes its dun been spoked `bout! :o) i`m a guessin dey dun hadnt thinked about readin the uder posts first!

-- tim (, April 04, 2001.

So maybe the swamp buggies could driven by battling robots, firing cannons in a flying demolition derby. Did I miss anything?

-- Chip Haynes (, April 05, 2001.

On snow, driven by sail power, via remote control with no human power.


-- Brian Flynn (, April 05, 2001.

...while dragging a shovel that digs a ditch that should be allowed to be operated by someone under 18 while George's replacement is talking to the blonde that is standing on the ten foot high pool beside the sign that says "No Experts!" wearing a tee shirt that has the JYW logo on it and a nonsensical statement from Rita...

Okay, I think we've covered it...

-- Dan Denney (, April 05, 2001.

. . .and rita's message is being read from a solar powered computer with programs written by the JunkYard Gods that is sitting on a front end loader that used to be a 1979 Ford pinto the just loaded a full load of gravel in the dumptruck that used to be a 1975 Polar Craft Boat and a 1976 Dodge Dart (I think it's Al Bundy's from Married wih Children.) which has a water cannon attatched to a turret on the top of the carthat will be used to rescue a Barbie Doll from George's trailer.


-- Joey Falgout (Broadcast Junkies) (, April 05, 2001.

And at the end of the show, they vote of one team member from the losing team. You know, if I squint, I can ACTUALLY SEE IT!!!!

-- Chip Haynes (, April 06, 2001.

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