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I am an Engineering Mgr. for a contract manufacturer of electronic assemblies. My team is very busy and I find it difficult to keep them motivated. This is more of an emotional motivation that they are lacking, because they all work very hard, but I fear that they may be getting burnt out. I also request monthly reports from them, identifying a project of note, that they were involved with that month. It seems that all of them are having a problem providing this report to me on time. I have asked for suggestions on report format and contents, but I get the impression they aren't interested in doing the report. If I cave in and make the report not mandatory, what does that say about me as a manager? Am I not making them accountable for their actions, or enhancing their skills by making them summarize their projects for the month. Does anyone else have a similar situation or can anyone offer any advice? Thanks in advance.

-- Scott Achin (, April 04, 2001


I am writing a paper on this exact topic for grad school. If you want me to, I will send it to you when I'm done.

-- Krista Shoe (, May 15, 2002.

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