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DefenderX or Pelleon or somebody who will be here taking charge of things,
I received a message from:

Message From Artic War (#2753) at Wed Apr-04-2001 06:10:09 from Domination, a new guild that is starting ater the reset. We are now currently sourcing experienced mages ranking fr 100+ to 1000. & the guild have grown.....With the number of mages, of cos we must have ally guilds. Therefore i will like to know if we would have the honour to have the Defenders as our ally guild?...please reply ASAP as the server is restarting soon...

So do we want to ally with them for the next reset?

-- Anonymous, April 04, 2001


Once the decision has been made, reply them at either:


-- Anonymous, April 06, 2001

Hmmm...Celtic Warriors is confirmed as our ally for next reset. I won't be that effective in taking charge of the guild due to time constraints and the fact that I have no knowledge to work webpages.

However, if need be I will take up the mantle.

But, here are the other 2 candidates whom I believe will be much better than me. DefenderX and Siva.

-- Anonymous, April 04, 2001

I have no problem taking charge. I'll check out Domination's allies and see if there will be any possible clashes.

-- Anonymous, April 05, 2001

We also have the Alamut as our allies for next reset. I think we and Alamut will enter a permament Alliance as with CoC last time.

Siva, pls post as soon as you find out about Domination.

-- Anonymous, April 08, 2001

It's all set up, Domination is our new ally.

-- Anonymous, April 09, 2001

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