What SLR Hexar lenses were there?

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I did a search but did not find the answer, though I remember sombody writing about this:

What SLR Hexar lenses were there - were they all a "downgraded formula" or were some of them relabelled older Hexanon style lens? Were some SLR Hexar lenses made by others than Konica?


-- Anonymous, April 04, 2001


Hexar Lenses

Hi Tapani,

Don't I have something on this at The Blue Book? Well, if not, here is what I know:

Interesting Facts: There were only 3 Hexar lenses ever made. The 28mm f3.5, 135mm f3.5 and the 200mm f4. Rumour has it that they were produced by Tamron. Interestingly, the uncommon Hexar versions is harder to find than the common Hexanon versions

They made the lenses to be "cost" efficient. In 1977, the Hexar lenses were roughly 1/2 the price of Hexanon ones. Since Hexanon lenses were well priced, I don't think they sold a lot of Hexar's. I am sure with some research, you could take a look at photos of 28mm f3.5 lenses (and the other Hexars) and find out exactly who made them.


-- Anonymous, April 04, 2001

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