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First I had PC with Intel Celeron 400, ATI All-In-Wonder 128 and Premiere 5.0. It worked quite good but video captured from VCR couldn't be large (eg. 640x480) in desired quality. Thus I upgraded processor with motherboard to AMD Duron 750. After it I can capture larger video but Premiere renderes final movie with some dropping black frames ! I tried to upgrade Premiere upto version 5.1c with no effect. Black frames makes every codec I tried. If a part of the final movie is short (eg. 1 min) it has no errors. If it is longer (eg. 10 min) it has in most cases black frames. My capture card is not certified for Premiere but why it worked with Celeron ?

-- Petr Slechta (, April 04, 2001


Pls get rid of any ATI products, I am 100%sure it will trouble ur system one or another way... Sometimes with your scanner, videocamera etc.. ALL_IN_WONDER PRO 32MB is royaly screwing me for past 3 months . I lost my money ($199) and time.. Simply ATI products will not work...

-- Aji paul (, June 18, 2001.

Ehhh, ATI is trash? *perplexed* I have been using the ATI 128 AIW Pro (16mb)since it first came out, with Premiere RT v5.1, a 500mhz P111 128ram and have had NO problems at all. I just upped to Premiere v6 with NO problems. I suspect it's your board/processor (but I'm not going to say they're junk!) I am certainly no expert as far as the technical aspects of your box and hardware are concerned, but the P111 was designed with multimedia in mind which is why I opted for that particular processor. Contact ATI for specific advice.

BTW, have you "optimized" your system by unchecking disk insert notification, changing the "typical role of your computer" to mobile, managed your own virtual memory to the same min/max, shut down all unneeded apps running in the background except for "systray and explorer" and... Well, that's all that comes to mind at the moment.


-- gato barbieri (, October 14, 2001.

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