Where is everybody?

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Where is everybody?

-- NdewT (NdewTyme@NdewTyme.com), April 04, 2001


Good question.I seem to posting in a vacuum. Maybe people are getting tired of all this 'Sad News'.

-- Martin Thompson (mthom1927@aol.com), April 04, 2001.

As a long time lurker and very occaisional poster. I can verify I am reading as are many others. I usually read the e-mails although I seldom get a chance to post back.

Thanks for all the information. This is important.

-- Matt Riley (matriley@gateway.net), April 04, 2001.

This board is an important source of news you would be lucky to find without searching for hours. The information on the Italian Air Controllers strike gave my son's in-laws a heads-up that even their travel agent didn't know about.

Keep up the good work. (I'm sure "The cook appreciates an occasional complement").

-- PHO (owennos@bigfoot.com), April 04, 2001.

Still here. Still checking in daily. STILL READING. Still grateful daily. This is the site for citizens who hang on to their collective memories, and for those who need to evaluate the "background noise level" behind the days headlines, wondering if at some point the signal will be obscured by the noise. Hoping you can keep it up, Martin - so unsung. To lose this site would leave MANY of us always just wondering if there was ... something more going on.


-- Squirrel Hunter (nuts@upina.cellrelaytower), April 04, 2001.

I have come here the last couple of days with no new post. I found out I needed to hit my refresh button to get to the ltest post is why I posted the topic in the first place. Boy do I feel dumb, but I've never needed to do this before now. It always just brought up the new posts automaticly. Weird stuff has been happening to my computer since April 1, like my time clock keeps going back to the fist of the month with the wrong time.

Anyway, I too read this news every day. Would be lost without it. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK GUYS, YOUR THE BEST SOURCE ON THE NET!!!!!!!

-- NdewT (NdewTyme@Ndewtyme.com), April 04, 2001.

After I check my mail, this is the next place I go. I check here a half dozen times a day and sometimes more. Haven't posted much, I'm still trying to figure out how to format a message that displays correctly when it shows up here. Also haven't figured out to make a link work. If I put those pointy arrow bracket things "<" and ">" either side of my link, it doesn't show the text in between (http etc). Anyone willing to share the secret?

-- Ron (Vanman) Trapnell (fridayfiles@space.com), April 04, 2001.

Thanks to Ron and the Friday Files I would never have found this site. Don't Quit! This is a fantastic site.

-- D.J. Rowe (cedarwood@linetap.com), April 04, 2001.

I'm here, been here for a long time. Planning on staying. We can all watch our government bungle the free world into tyranny together. They're doing a real bang up job. I just hope it doesn't turn into a blow up job.

-- Tom Flook (tflook@earthlink.net), April 04, 2001.

I believe the main reason for this question is because, as I've noticed, this website has been down temporarily but recurrently, since April 1. I'd really hate to see this site go down for good, so it's certainly high time we all give Mr. Greenspun a big serving of thanks and appreciation. So many other Y2K related websites haven't survived to even begin to see the effects of the very slowly unfolding "Flood" approach its "crest." Even Gary North "gave up" far, far too soon. He's looking to be less and less wrong, almost by the day, lately. But, this site (and others) may well go down for good, or at least more often, as being just one more stage and wave of the unfolding "Y2K Flood" disruptions, and the "domino effect" cascading effects thereof. I can only hope for the "more often" rather than the "for good" - as being much more tolerable.

-- Robert Riggs (rxr.999@worldnet.att.net), April 05, 2001.

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