Favorite computer games?

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Now that I'm almost through Odyssey, I need suggestions for new computer games. What do you like to play, and why?

-- Beth (illusio2@earthlink.net), April 03, 2001


Baldur's Gate. Definitely Baldur's Gate.

I don't know whether you've heard about this one--you might've; I'd heard of one of its more infamous NPCs long before I ever heard the game's name. It's honestly fantastic if you like D&D-style stuff at all. You play the stereotypical young waif raised by a foster-father, not knowing of his/her parents; said foster-father gets killed, and you have to go from there. Long plotline, lots of things to kill, magic and such--plus, there's *humor*. Always the selling point on a game for me. Replayability's high due to all the different NPC combinations you can make, and the different classes you can take for your protagonist. Plus, there's a sequel!

Okay, shameless plug over now, I swear. Nethack is also a good little game if you don't mind ASCII graphics. Challenging, amusing, free. Hard to beat that with a stick. The 7th Guest is just plain awful, but great heckling fodder. I've heard good things about Icewind Dale and Planetscape: Torment; I've got both myself, but need to finish BGII before I start any *more* long campaign games. Hope that gives you some idea-fodder.

-- Amanda, Queen of the Corn People (amamhaye@indiana.edu), April 04, 2001.

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