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I was wondering if it is possible to make VCD's that will play on my DVD player with Adaptec Easy CD Creator 4 Deluxe? Say I downloaded a TV show and wanted to burn it and watch it in my stand alone player, could I do that? If not,does anyone know if the free version of Nero (version 5) will do the job correctly. Thanks.

-- Callmie Nankee (ChubbyCheeks56@yahoo.com), April 03, 2001


yes u have to create video file using other application first ie file with extn. dat or . mpeg-2 then u can use nero for burning the vcd. i have tried making my own choice songs by selecting from various cd's to one vcd.

-- syed nazeer (rabnaz@yahoo.com), April 04, 2001.

In theory, yes, you can do this. However, several DVD players do not handle CD-R well or at all. Please go to www.vcdhelp.com and check the Compatibility List for your DVD player before you get started. If your player doesn't like CD-R media, you'll have to burn to CD-RW if you want any chance of being able to read it.

-- Jason Shumate (Jason.Shumate@sita.int), April 04, 2001.

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