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I would like to suggest a topic for the show but the other link is not getting me anywhere so here I am. The suggestion is for your teams to build a D.S.R.V. The Us Navy Seals used one or multiple man subs to move around under water. if your teams could build a one man self propelled submarine out of the items in the junk yard that would make for a great show. The only things the teams would get is a wet suit and SCUBA gear(no need drowning anyone).

Thank you for leeting me make my suggestion, I do Love the show and have only missed one or two shows. but I'm waiting for the reruns. I hope to hear back from you about this.

Again Thanks Marcel Marchand Seminole Florida USA

-- Marcel Marchad (, April 02, 2001


I think they shoud build a helicopter and race around the junkyard

-- T.J. Ward (, April 04, 2001.

A diving bell.Make it so that all the team members can fit in it.A hatch can be on the bottom of the diving bell.using Scuba members of the team can eixt the diving bell to get something and return with it.The bell will have to be water tight.

-- Ryan P. (, April 04, 2001.

Build a helicopter.

-- Carlos Santiago (, November 30, 2001.

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