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CASEY HERE,havent been able to be on this website very much this past week,thought i say hey!!!! has anyone heard from RDF? nobody has blown anything up,or gone insane or anything huh? any how BEST OF LUCK to everyone. until later,later. (THE TEST TANK BABIES) SEE YA.

-- casey (the test tank babies) (finishrad@aol.com), April 02, 2001



-- Dan Denney (Rustrenegades@hotmail.com), April 02, 2001.

It's been an extremely busy week. The busier the better. If I'm busy, I don't think about all this (as much)!

-- Joey Falgout (Broadcast Junkies) (joeyinalexandria@hotmail.com), April 06, 2001.

Yea....I designed two new forklift models this week alone...One of them is already sold.

-- Dan Denney (rustrenegades@hotmail.com), April 06, 2001.

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