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I would like to ask our rather limeted audience here what they think of the Toll roads here in Oklahoma. For the price paid to drive on the road, do you think the surfacing is up to par? How do you rank them as compared to limited access non toll roads? Which toll roads do you think are the worst or most pointless?

-- Wes Kinsler (kinsler1@hotmail.com), April 02, 2001


Re: Oklahoma turnpikes

I've driven the Cimarron Turnpike several times (travelling between Wichita and Tulsa) and also drove on the Muskogee Turnpike twice in 1995 on my way to and from North Carolina. I thought both seemed reasonably well-maintained and especially appreciated the Portland cement surfacing on the Cimarron Turnpike, although the slabs were getting a little chipped around the edges. I also noticed the signing was of higher standard than on free interstates (this is also true in Kansas). However, the Cimarron Turnpike has raised curbing down the central reservation, which I don't like, and I felt that (considering their relative age) the turnpikes should have been given a 70 M.P.H. speed limit.

-- Jonathan Winkler (winkler@phys.ksu.edu), April 03, 2001.

Re: Turnpikes in General

Our turnpikes are quite well-surfaced, better than the free Interstates in some of our surrounding states, also better than I-40 across Oklahoma. I-35 is pretty close to turnpike quality. The Jersey barrier down the center of the more heavily-traveled turnpikes is one of the better Turnpike Authority projects. Seems much safer than I-44 through Missouri, for example. As to the most useless turnpike, I have to vote for the Chickasaw. I have to think that the OTA's time and money could have been better spent, maybe on getting rid of the ugly abandoned toll booth canopies at the ends of the Turner Turnpike, perhaps.

Rick Mattioni Tulsa

-- Rick Mattioni (rickmattioni@cs.com), April 28, 2001.

See my post under the subject: Indian Nations Turnpike.

-- Debbie Standridge (Vstandridge@yahoo.com), March 05, 2003.

I often find the Turner and Will Rogers Turnpikes under construction for stretches,and feel that if you can't drive the maximum speed limit (currently 75mph)all the way,the toll fee needs to be pro-rated/or reduced.In Fact,for as long as it has been in operation,they should be paid for by now.

-- john edward truman (j.truman@lycos.com), July 07, 2003.

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