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dear sir. i am mohan from bangalore karnataka in india.

iam designer iam doing vhs to vcd conversion through dazzle's

digital video creator. my problem is iam converted one corporate movie

(vhs forat) through dazzle's movie star software. duration is 10 min.

it has converted succsesfully in vcd format. in that format i wanted

to edit some portion duration 1 min. it has edited neatly by the

editing table there in that software i have removed unwanted part.

after that it has to produce new movie (edited version) i have

produced in the same as video cd format again it was produced

succesfully after that compleated iam going to put in to cd rom

iam using cd writer (win on cd 3.6 version) but that is not accepted

the file format that gives as an error message is THIS IS NOT A

SUITABLE VCD FORMAT BIRTH RATE ERROR . becouse of this problem i

cannot edit anything . please give me possible solution . or any other

software is there for editing.?

thanking you .

mr mohan

-- mr mohan (, April 01, 2001


It has been my experience that once you edit a VCD or SVCD compliant file, it is no longer compliant. Get a copy of TMPGenc ( It's free. Use it to demultiplex your file into separate audio and video files and then multiplex those back together into one file using a VCD template. It should fix the problem you are seeing. You will find the demultiplex and multiplex options under MPEG Tools.

-- Jason Shumate (, April 03, 2001.

hello dear sir and madam, I am Sanjayson from where india patna bihar. Mr mohan my problem is i have give in your cd writing . sanjaysona

-- sanjaysona (, August 25, 2001.


I guess you need to seperate audio and video before editing. Gopher, has a demultiplexer for the same. If you are using the UNIX based terminal, I can help you with an appropriate RPM. I don't know about the windows. My experience is that you need to seperate the audio and video streams (in the streams/raw format). Edit and then multiplex it back. You need to take care of copyright voilations before you do this. This is possible if you can determine the spool density / blob density of the device. Once you demultiplex it, process it as a stream of raw bits. (Dont ever open it with an editor, since windows based editors are notorious in inserting the control charecters and new lines. Even if you want to view it, view it in the read mode) The specified RPMs can be found at You need to search a bit. After editing, merge the streams back. This is a crude method of handling since it is vulnearble to noise/cross corellations.

-- Balaji B Gururaja Rao (, June 14, 2002.

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