What all does FogCreek do ?

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when i visit fog creek ..i am seriously confused .... why ?..i cant differenciate between the fog creek site and joel's site ...fog creek is joel and joel is fog creek i havent seen any other site with so much "sensefull" speak ... undoubtely Joel's talks great sense ....wish i could wack the site on my Managers and Exec saying ...F%$& this is what is called sense ! anyways ....!

What i mean to ask is also ...in fog creek's existance ... is FogBugz the only Product that they have come out with ? is it a KILLER APP ??

Joel discuss mainly on developing software ... i dunno i have been doing web development for abt 3 yrs now ... and have worked on various diff platforms...there are significant diff approaches when it comes to developing s/w on the web and that on a client/server paradigm or app's like Excel .....

i would love to see issues related to development for the web !

- sada

-- Anonymous, April 01, 2001



I think web development is a lot less structured because the requires learning curve is lower (yet good web development is still rare). I think web developers could learn a lot from Joel's site.

Try writing a full functional spec for your next project and see what differences it makes.

cheers, Simon

-- Anonymous, April 04, 2001

Undoubtedly ...web development requires a different learning curve and is less structured.Joel makes 100% sense in every article he writes.Being in web related development, unfortunately I havent seen good development practices being put in..i would really love to hear about some of these practices being put up in web development. I am for sure gonna drive these points at my work place :-)

-- Anonymous, April 08, 2001


FogCreek is basically all the ideas and thoughts that Joel talks about on his site rolled up into a company. Probably the reason why you have trouble distinguishing the two is because they are so closely related.

What do we do? Well, right now we are software consultants. This ranges from actually writing custom software, to due diligence, to coming in to your company, finding out what's wrong and telling you what you can do to fix it. We have all the tools necessary to do these jobs using the philosophies discussed on joel.editthispage.com.

In the future we would like to become solely a software development company. In starting down that path, we launched our first product FogBugz which fits in nicely with our philosophy about bug tracking. Our second, top secret product, is in the works right now.

So to sum it up - Fog Creek is an instance of the JoelOnSoftware class.

JoelOnSoftware* pFogCreek = new JoelOnSoftware();

-- Anonymous, April 19, 2001

Web Development

Do you guys do hard-core Web development projects? I mean fully-functional enterprise software using

RDBMS + Web server + browser interface HTML + CSS + Javascript + SQL + PHP/ASP/JSP/PERL?

If so, do you do architecture or code-review on such projects as well? Have you looked at optimizing these kinds of systems for massive scaleability (thousand + users)?

Thanks for info


-- Anonymous, May 07, 2001

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