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Can someone explain me what is the difference between Robos type monorails extension and G series and help identify the part number of an extension tube? I need a 25cm (10") extension tube, male and M6 screw one end, fixed rotating knob the other end. Would this be a G serie? Or is it an older make? It seems that the current models have female/screw one end and an inner screwing device accepting other extensions the other end. I'm also mixed up by the different manufacturer numbers provided by Toyo USA and Toyo Intl. Thanks for your help!

-- Paul Schilliger (, April 01, 2001


Paul, this is from a Toyo English-language catalog: "Toyo 39mm diameter ROBOS and G System Monorails fit all Toyo monorail cameras including the 45C. Robos rails offer unlimited extension by continuously adding sections. G System monorails allow maximum extension of 1250mm by adding two extensions to the Basic Monorail."

I also have a Toyo Japanese-language catalog, and, comparing the two, one can see the difference between the ROBOS and G-System monorail extensions. The G-system monorail extensions have a nonremovable cap on one end which is made of a smooth material. The ROBOS monorail extensions have a removable cap on one end which is made of a highly textured material for easy unscrewing. The 250mm basic monorail seems to be male on both ends, with extensions being female in the G-system case, and female on the no-cap end and male on the cap end in the ROBOS case. The 250mm G-system extension is No. 8311 (list price 16,500 yen) and the ROBOS extension is No. 10107 (list price 22,000 yen).

I realize I haven't quite answered your question but hope this helps.

-- Stewart Ethier (, April 01, 2001.

actually, the g system 250mm basic rail is female on both ends. there are 150mm, 250mm and 500mm extensions which are male on one end and fixed screw knob on the other. the rails are 39mm in diameter. the new black extensions look different but work essentially the same. used chrome rails are cheap and plentiful especially 250mm ones (louis at photo gizzmo 212.463.0130 has a couple). toyo usa numbers are made up by mac, most likely to cause confusion and delays in filling orders. i would buy a used one unless you must have a black rail. which camera is it for? the g series rails fit g, gII, c, cx, one of the vx125's. i don't know if they will work on the d or e.

-- adam friedberg (, April 01, 2001.

Thanks, that's all I needed! So, the GB serie part 8311 is male with screw and has a fixed screwing handle on the other side. B&H had an inaccurate comment which mixed me up: "Toyo 250mm GB extension rail Black finish. With one male end for extension to G or GB basic rail; one female end to accept additional extension rails, as needed. " Also newer Toyo brochure only shows the Robos system which is the opposite and has no fixed knob. Adam, I shouldn't be telling you for which camera this is, for it is for a "forbidden" adaptation on the collapsible VX125 rail, using the 8311 as a base rail on separate tripod block and the collapsible be the extension of it. It will require a special ring made by a machinist but should be the simplest and fastest way of adding and removing extension to the VX without (I hope) damaging the thing.

-- Paul Schilliger (, April 01, 2001.

An interesting project. I thought about doing something similar with my 23G -- specifically, adapting a VX rail to work with it so I could reduce the size of the camera for traveling and only carry around one rail instead of two -- but decided against it once I found out that a VX rail and tripod block assembly would cost ~$1100. Instead, I just cut down a G-series rail to 165mm and carry a 250mm rail for use with my longer lenses. Not as pretty or compact a solution but one that's quite a bit less costly!

-- Jeffrey Goggin (, April 01, 2001.

Jeffrey, the collapsible rail is extremely expensive and honnestly, it lacks rigidity when unfolded. Unfortunately, it's the only way of using short lenses with the VX 125 (out of having the tripod block outside the two standards). Otherwise, I would have abandonned it for two 250mm tubes.

-- Paul Schilliger (, April 01, 2001.


don't worry, i don't work for toyo. adapt as much as you want. if anyone can find a way around toyo's (or mac's) rediculously expensive accessory system, more power to them. i think the b&h cat. was referring to the robos system rail, which isn't sold in the u.s (as far as i can tell). the new black g/gb rails have a female end, but it won't accept extensions, only the rail cap. the old rails are easier in use and make much sense.


i stored my 810g on the 150mm extension rail. this made it very slim although still monstrous in all other dimensions.

-- adam friedberg (, April 02, 2001.

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