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"Quadaxle" Pulling Contest:4-team members/4-motors, "not-ganged" together,rig your own drivetrains!Example:Clip the front half of four front wheel drive cars,tie them together,front axle steer or four axle steer,four seats,one or four steering wheels! Let the clutch(es) fly and see what team has the best puller! I can just see the tire smokin' burnouts, smokin' clutches and redlined motors! Yea', now we're talkin'!! How 'bout my idea JunkyardWars2001? NITRO BILL. ps:If you don't like the "Pulling" contest,how about a "Road" course with humps and pumps

-- Dr. William D. Leseberg (, March 31, 2001


Considering what it takes for these teams to come up with one good working motor for the project at hand, asking them to have four might really stretch that ten hour time limit- and the resources in the junk yard! How about this instead: One motor, but four wheel independent STEERING? Each team member would have their own wheel to control. What fun to film!

-- Chip Haynes (, April 02, 2001.

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