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Hi, this is to all the Poe fans out there. I like some of Poe's stories and poems a lot, but I find some boring and/or incomprehensible. One that's driven me crazy for years is "MS in a bottle." I can't seem to figure out the end of the story. Does anyone here like or understand that story? Am I missing something huge? Also, which do you like better, "The Raven" or "the Bells." I personally like "the Bells" the best, although it is less famous.


-- Anonymous, March 31, 2001


Hi Hannah, I read a long time ago that short story and in the class we discussed it, we found it boring too... the point is that our teacher ask us ... who put the message in the bottle?... 'cause the man is writing and describing, but he should have said bye if he had had time, but the tale doesn't show that , he just stops writing... if it was a ms why he didn't finish giving a name or something that anyone should have done? maybe not all people, but i should have said bye

Bye, chao, adios, hasta la vista, see you... I think the Bells is a beautiful poem too.

-- Anonymous, April 03, 2001

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