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hi. if i can get any help on this it would be great,,

my question: i have to write a research paper on a reocurring them in three of poes work so if you have an answer for mr please give me the names of the stories and how they are linked together.

thank you

-- Anonymous, March 31, 2001


Hi Jay, One of the recurring themes in Poe's works is DEATH. He always refers to death and if it is of a beautiful woman the better. For example in "LIGEIA", she is a beautiful and intelligent woman, he loves her and he knows she loves him... the point is that she gets ill and dies... but she conquers and defeats death. if you can read this short story do it 'cause it's great. "the Fall of the House of Usher" everything is referred to death, the house , landscape, even the owner and his sister. she has a ghost- like appearance, she suffers from ...i don't remember what's the name of her illness , but she dies... at least it's what the narrator and her bdother think... the point is that she is not dead and gets out from a vault where her body was "dispossed"(spelling problem- Mr zaimer- a joke that i dont think you get), and she appears alive in front to her brother and they two die. "The Mask of the Red DEath", well the name talks for itself. though here it is not the death of a beautiful woman present, but it's about death, it's got a lot of symbols which are connected with death. "The Oval Portrait", here you can find the death of a b.woman, it's a really beautiful story, specially 'cause of its music, read it aloud and you will see... or hear. here the art is presented as more important than a woman,the artist loves his art maybe art is life, creation, but can bring death. There are other stories more related to the death of a b. woman I'll give you some titles:"Morella", "Leonore" a poem "anabel lee", the first two are very similar to "Ligeia" some things change, but keep the structure and theme... you can go to and find more iformation or some tales. hope it helped you, Bye , Bye Berty_ber

-- Anonymous, April 03, 2001

I think, no I know its all about death, drinking, and women.

-- Anonymous, April 03, 2001

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