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I would be pleased if someone could tell me how to find a list of ships that were in San Francisco Harbour during the earthquake of 1906. I believe that my grandfather was aboard the 'Salamis' on the day of the earthquake. With my thanks, Marion Clark, Melbourne, Australia.

-- Marion Clark (, March 31, 2001


Try contacting the research library at the San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park. They have exhaustive records on ships and shipping in and out of the harbor. Their staff even offers research assistance via email.

The URL is

-- John Martini (, March 31, 2001.

Very interesting Marion, for similiar reasons I have been chasing the same answer, my Grandfather, one Capt William May, diary records that he was woken in his cabin early in the morning because his ship was rolling as if it was in a 'heavy sea' but as he was 'moored alongside' this was theoritically impossible. Investigation showed the City of San Francisco severly damaged. I don't know his ships name or route details, however I suspect it was of Australian origins as my grandfather was of irish descent resident in Perth, Australia. If I discover anything I will let you know....

Sean May (

-- Sean May (, April 04, 2002.

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