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Does anyone know of a source of larger--24" x 30" or bigger--colour print processing drums? Or does anyone know how to make them? Also, in regard to 20" x 24" drums: Has anyone used and can comment about the quality of the Doran/Devtec drums, which are much less expensive than the Jobo print drum?

-- David Kaufman (, March 30, 2001


I have the huge Devtec; quality is ok, not in the Jobo class but serviceable.

Note that while it'll fit on the Beseler roller ok, it will _not_ work on the Unicolor roller. Of course you could roll it back and forth on a tabletop, but it's huge.

It's a smooth-wall drum, so you'll need some arrangement for washing rather than in the drum.

-- John Hicks (, March 30, 2001.

I bought a Wilkinson, beutifully made but not complete, unfortunately nobody seems to know anything about it. It is intended to process prints but I wanted to use it to process 8"x10" films, english made, you recognise the type of quality which look s very professional but rather on a small production scale. it takes up to 50cm x 60cm

-- Andrea Milano (, March 30, 2001.

I have only used the Jobo 20x24" and it works great on the CPE. I have made a custom support that fits inside and can process a spiraled 20x40 sheet of Ilfochrome with it.

-- Paul Schilliger (, March 30, 2001.

Andrea, I remember when you posted your question about the Wilkinson(??) a while ago, I thought about that for awhile and came up with nothing. I'm just curious, what does this thing look like? Is it an automatic rotary processor, or is it more like a Jobo?

-- DK Thompson (, March 30, 2001.

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