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Dear Internet Church Family,

From time to time, I feel as though my spiritual needs are not being addressed by my church. I believe that the primary purpose of a local church is to address spirituality issues such as salvation, spiritual growth, service to the less fortunate, bible teaching, and any other spiritual need. I feel sometimes like the local church is nothing more that a religious social club. How do you feel about this issue?


-- Anonymous, March 30, 2001


I would prayerfully suggest scheduling some time with the pastor to discuss the issue. One of the dangers of modern local assemblies is inertia. Sometimes this inertia builds up over generations, leading to situtations such as you describe. After a while teas, choir days, baby contests, missionary queens, etc. seem to overwhelm the biblical functions of the church. A paryerful, lving, but frank discussion with the pastor can reveal your concern and reveal her/his vision for this local assembly.

-- Anonymous, March 30, 2001

I agree, but be very careful in how you express your concerns to your pastor. Often times while standing in the midst of a situation it os hard to see the situation. You want to be careful not to insult your pastor in your conversation.


The Mole

-- Anonymous, March 30, 2001

As a pastor I feel sunday worship is the place to get "fueled up" for the week. Let me explain, I tell my congregation that during the week we are moving so fast that we run out of fuel. Spiritual fuel, for a variety of reasons, not enough prayer, we don't read the Bible or we are just being human. So when we come to church I feel like I am one of the mechanics at the Indy 500. I have got to give them message, keep it simple and stick to the scripture readings. And give "Spiritual Fuel" But if you are not getting your "Spiritual Fuel" you have many options. 1.) Ask your pastor if the two of you can get together every week for a personal Bible study, it can be on one of the books of the Bible. I know you like Isaiah so that's a possibility. 2.)Start a local or international mission project; such as easter food baskets for people in your church that need extra help. You can start with one basket. 3.)Ask your Pastor what can you do to help him or her 4.)Find other christians who are in Bible studies and join them. The bottom line having our spiritual needs met is a longing that God wants to fulfill. I will be praying for you. I know the Holy Spirit is moving in your church, because you are there and God maybe using you for rival. Do not give up on God!

-- Anonymous, April 01, 2001

May I suggest that you consider this: Stop thinking about your needs anf focus on helping to meet the needs of someone else. If we focus on ourselves we will always find ourselves wanting. The church is a place full of wounded healers. It should not be looked upon as a place to get our needs met but to meet the needs of others. In so doing, the Lord will in fact minister to our needs. We are trying to become Christ-Like. He did not consider Himself, made himself of no reputation for us. When we do likewise, we find that our needs pale besides the needs of others. God Bless you in your quest. Pastor Paris

-- Anonymous, April 01, 2001

I really liked that answer Paster Paris.

Another danger in us thinking that our needs are not being met in our church, is we could become what you call "church hoppers". If we are in a Church where the preacher is preaching the Word of God that led us to that assembly, then we should, as Pastor Paris suggested, looked for what we can do for the Church.

Personal Bible study is also good. It will address all of your spiritual needs. As you become first partaker of a word of knowlege from the scriptures; tell someone. Our life and testimonies help strengthen the body of Christ.

There is a new craze going on. Everybody is becoming disatisfactied with their Church. They've either read something in a book or saw something on the television, and all of a sudden, their spiritual life is not being fulfilled. Now this is not to say that one can be in a Church where their spiritual needs are not being met, and they should stay. But be very careful of your motives.

My pastor has this saying that I loved "I'm going to dance with the one who brought me."

In Christ, Carmen

-- Anonymous, April 02, 2001

I think that we can outgrow a church. As I look over my life and the churches I went to each one was better than the last. Each time I changed God took me to a new level. I hope a church will grow with me. I will stay as long as we are pushing on together but each time I changed it was because I topped out in that ministry. This is true of a certain Christian TV network I used to watch to. It was great while it lasted and when God released me I left with no regret. I could never again worship for very long in any church I used to go to unless they have changed to what I like now.

In Christ, Nathan

-- Anonymous, April 02, 2001

Nathan, I understand you well.

A very close friend of mine had to leave our Church because the Lord enlarged her borders. The ministry that God took her to was of utmost importance. If was better for her to obey God than to stay and suffer spiritual hunger, and even worse deprive others that God was calling her to meet their neeeds.

To this day she loves our Church and calls it her home because that is where she got her beginnings.

In Christ, Carmen

-- Anonymous, April 03, 2001

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