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E-Gad, I didn't know fish had feet.

29. Mars 2001

Still unclear if Russia will accept Norwegian fish - Russian ambassador called to the Foreign Office

It is still a bit unclear what the outcome will be, after Russia earlier this week banned the import of Norwegian fish, as part of its measures against the spread of foot and mouth disease.

Norway has protested against the ban, saying the disease cannot spread through fish, but has so far not received a definite clarification from the Russian central authorities.

However, the Regional Veterinary Officer for Murmansk, Pavel Dolzjanov, says Norwegian fishermen may continue to deliver fish to Russia, provided they deliver directly to Russian harbours.

Transit shipments by truck will not be allowed across the border, because the Russian authorities are afraid the trucks will bring the disease. - A truck may have been in France one day, and in the North the next, Dolzjanov says to Nordlys.

Norway's Fisheries Attaché at the Moscow Embassy, Christen Mordal, on the other hand, says this is probably only allowed during a transition period, and that the ban in principle is total.

Russia's ambassador to Norway was on Wednesday called to the Department for Foreign Affairs in Oslo, and told that Norway views the import ban as a serious matter. Norway asked that the ban be lifted immediately.

The Department also asked for a meeting in Moscow with the Russian veterinary authorities, in order that Norway may present proof that foot and mouth disease does not spread through fish.

-- meg davis (, March 30, 2001

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