Have you ever just opened the Bible and received the scripture you needed to hear for the day?

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Last Sunday our Director of Evangelism talked about the power of prayer and receiving answers from the Bible. She said that sometimes she is moved to just open the Bible and amazing things are revealed to her through scripture regarding a particular situation. Have you ever had a similar experience with the Bible? She says "It is like God opens the Bible to the passage she needs to read."

-- Anonymous, March 30, 2001


Dear Rev. Rogers, I have become aware lately that when one seeks to know more about God that he reveals himself through books, certain scriptures, and messages on this board sometimes. A few weeks ago, I decided to go through my Strong's Exhaustive Concordance and find every scripture related to the Holy Spirit. I thought I had completed this exercise. However, while I was looking for a Hebrew/Greek bible in the christian bookstore. I looked up one shelf and found an exhaustive concordance related to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. This book is much more complete than my original list on the Holy Spirit. It is almost as if God led me to this store . From reading the scriptures by Isaiah, It is as though God is using Isaiah as a speaker to say things that Jesus would say thousands of years later when he died on the cross. The Bible is truly an amazing book!


-- Anonymous, March 30, 2001

Jazzman keep up the good work with your studies. And thank you for sharing your progress. God does indeed speak to us in many ways. One of my dearest friends I met on this discussion board. (By the way we have never met, we talk on the phone and email) He is an AME minister and professor in the south and one of the most stubborn people I have ever met.(Much like me;-) He had been to Montana in the 70's and we became friends because of Montana. And though I was attending an AME church 400 miles round trip on Sundays. He felt I should transfer my ministerial credentials, become an AME minister, and start a church in Bozeman, Montana. Needless to say, I said NO! I was busy with my human rights organization, and did not believe God wanted me to Pastor a church at this time. Well the combination of scripture readings, this discussion board, prayer, people like Bill Dickens, Jerryl Payne, Rev. Paris (My mentor) and my biological brother Rev. Fisher, my heart was changed. My dear friend that started this process has endured temper tantrums, and has just laughed and now smiles when he hears what God is doing in Montana. I have never personally met my wonderful Bishop, Bishop John Bryant. But he has treated me and my church as we are so important to God's plan. My Bishop is so excited about evangelism, and starting new churches, he cares so deeply about every member of his flock. Even those he has not met. Jazzman I am the pastor of St. Paul Community Church in Bozeman, Montana. That has come to fruition because of God, scripture, my Bishop, prayers, my dear friends, and family. We must continue to tell God's story as it unfolds in our daily lives. For what God is doing for one he is doing for all. Let's keep our hearts open for the will of God!

-- Anonymous, March 30, 2001

The Bible is truly a Living Word. It is inexhaustible, it regenerates; it's a word for today, and that same word will be for tomorrow.

I can truly say there have been times when I opened up the Bible to no particular place and that Word was sufficient for my trials.

At our Church we have Bible drills. The leader stands in front and calls out Book, chapter, and first; and the first to find it stands and reads the verse. I tell you, very few times have I witness this exercise and the different scriptures did not touch me in a special way. And those times when usually names or mentioned, I'll try to make a mental note and find out more about that particula scripture.

The Bible is the most interesting book in the word. If we would allow, the Holy Spirit will impart to us so much knowlege.

In Christ, Carmen

-- Anonymous, April 02, 2001

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