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i would like to know about e.a.poe's book called "The Raven" and its first publication date and how did the book originally looked ?

how many books of the poem were originally published ?

whats the historical and monitary value of one of the original editions nowadays ?

-- Anonymous, March 29, 2001



'The Raven and Other Poems' was published in November 1845, being number 8 of Wiley & Putnam's (the publishers) series 'Library of American Books'. It was advertised at the price of 31 cents.

It was published simultaneously in London, since the copy I`have seen was printed there and also dated 1845.

There were 30 poems in the book divided into two sections: the first beginning with 'The Raven' and comprising of 19 poems. The second part of the book is titled 'Poems Written in Youth' and starts with 'Sonnet to Science'. It is also important to note that the dedication is to the English poet 'Elizabeth Barrett Barrett' (later Elizabeth Browning), who is described as the 'noblest of her sex'.

Its historic value as a book is pretty hard to measure. Because Poe was a magazine writer most of the poems were known in America through their publication in various journals. It may be, however, that 'The Raven's (the poem, not the book) reception in England was due more to the book than any reprint in a magazine.

As for its current value, I have no idea. Why, do you own a first edition?

-- Anonymous, March 30, 2001

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