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I can't run the dos version anymore cause my new machine runs windowsME and the dos version crashes all the time. how can I run recordings made with dos mame on mame32 with correct playback?

-- BRAD (cmdrtsl@EARTHLINK.NET), March 29, 2001


Quick answer is you should be able to. Since, they are fundamentally the same programs and should record the input states the same. Long answer is: don't expect playing back dos mame recordings to work with mame32 program, since certain games do not playback correctly with both platforms after recording in one. I think there was a WinME help thread around here.

ALso, if you are trying to playback a dosmame 35b10 recording with mame3237b13, it aint going to work. you'll need to find the correct mame32 version correspodning to the dos version, and jump through lots of hoops to install a new mame32 version.

That's why i dislike mame32 recordings, they are really only good for the few weeks that a mame32 version is available and everyone has that on their desktop. The hoop jumping scenario: you have to first bakup your MAME32 registry, then nuke the registry, unpack the mame32 version you want, Wait for it to load, then get the settings back to how your computer can play it, THEN you can try to see if an old mame32 inp will playback. Of course some will say you don't have to backup your registry, but there can be playback problems induced by wrong version registry settings, which forces you to maintain registry state. dos mame playback is always SO simple: unpack the exe mame.exe -playback recording. All settings are stored in mame.cfg which is compatible with nearlly all dos mames.

ok my 2 cents is shared. off box of soap.

-- Chad (, March 30, 2001.

You don't need to nuke the registry stuff.

When you start MAME32 after changing versions, it'll ask you if you want to use the old config data (whether or not it's an older version). Choose 'no'.

This'll take care of version-sensitive data. (I have five different versions of MAME32... 37b6, 37b8, 37b9, 37b11, and 37b13k... and I know this does this.)

-- Matt Denham (, March 31, 2001.

If you Choose yes, Mame32 reverts to default option settings which are not good for playing back all recordings, the worst one it turns Autoframeskip On, for playing back some games you need frameskip turned off, The other big thing is oubling the display size and disabling MMX, both of these make mame look lame and play slower for me. Then there is sound settings, I prefer MIDAS when it sets it back to direct sound. Why the heck would i want to click a bunch of menus everytime i playback a recording, when with dos mame i can keep all configs, frameskip settings, scanlines settings all the same for all mame versions.

If you choose No, there are several major differences between mame32 final 35, 36, 37 versions, I think mostly they have to do with sound settings, and basically makes mame32 unusable if you click No. this is lame! and maybe they will conform to settings between 37 and 38 39, but i'm not betting on it. And that means you can't simply choose No and expect default registry settings to conform.

Mind you I playback a lot of recordings, I'm used to changing settings and clicking stupid GUI boxes. But if there are some that are difficult for me to playback, it will be unlikely(impossible) for the average user to play it back in the future, dos mame makes this easier for everyone becuase settings are consistant through out versions.

-- Chad (, April 01, 2001.

btw, i'm not condoning the use of mame32, using mame32 to practice and PLAY with is fine. I think it's great that it will give some users a frame rate boost over dos mame and "allow" those users to play mame on "new and improved" windows computers. But for ease of use and reliable playback for generations to come, please RECORD with dosmame!

paid for by the franchise consumers of estabilishmental wrecklessness, member FSLICD.

-- Chad (, April 01, 2001.

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