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I tried a bread machine many years ago from hitachi. it was expensive and the bread had a tough thick outer layer. i called but never got satisfaction from them. Does anyone know of a bread machine that works and doesn't have a thick crust? My neighbor had another kind ?the kind ,the timmer quit on hers in less than a year. Is there one that actually works and last any length of time? thank you for your time. Jean

-- Anonymous, March 29, 2001


I bought a hitachi machine the hb102 (i think) many many moons ago as a present for mom. After sitting in her garage and then in mine for over 6 years. I finally tried it and found the recipe book and tried with very pleasant results.
Did you use prepackaged kit bread?
If you try fresh ingredients AND select the light crust you will very pleased.
try this a 1.5# bread
an egg bread receipe.
3c flour
2 eggs
3T butter
4T sugar (white)
2t Yeast
1c water
1/4c Orange Juice
1t salt or less as desired
This is a sure thing with AP flour.
T= Tablespoon and t=teaspoon, jicydnk :)
make sure you have fresh yeast.
Costco sells 2# of yeast for less than $3, (look for it in the spice section. I keep it in the freezer for many months.
my machine is a very old one with very few options.
Light or dark bread
4 hour cycle or 2.5 hours or knead dough

-- Anonymous, March 31, 2001

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