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Hi All, I have been reading the comments for the last few months and have learned a lot, but a lot of it is over my head. I have been a true Konica user since I bought My first FS1 in 79. I have two and love them. If any one can help Me it would be appreciated, I have purchased a lens I know nothing about. The lens is a Celestron 750mm f/6 mirrow. Would like to know if anyone knows about the quality and performance of this lens. Thanks for any help you can give me. Frank

-- Anonymous, March 29, 2001


Nice Lens


Celestron is one of the most-respected makers of high-end telescopes. Their products enjoy an excellent reputation. Sounds like you have a real "find"! Tell us, is this lens a prime konica-mont, Celestron adapter, or T-mount?


-- Anonymous, March 30, 2001

re-ply celetron 750

Thanks James, It is a t-mount for Konica,it has beside the name Schmidt Cassegrain s/n 1 376 7. Is it worth what I paided for it. I paid $265.00. I have not had a chance to try it out. Thanks again Frank

-- Anonymous, March 30, 2001

Value of 750/6

This might be helpful determining value, a Vivitar Series 1 Mirror 450/4.5 just sold on eBay for $875. I guess the Vivitar is pretty highly collectible.

-- Anonymous, April 09, 2001

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