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Hi there. I need desperately for somone to send me the usermanual for the Canon A1 camera plse.I have got the camera with the motor drive and battery mag with about 4 differnt lenses but want to know what other features the camera has.

the other problem that i have is that the rewind does not work with the motor drive but manually it works fine.

plse help

-- Abie Marshand (, March 29, 2001


Abbie, manuals are available from John Craig at for a reasonable cost, or for download at a site called, again for a small fee. Christian Rollinger has many Canon maunals on his aptly names site for free. I've never had an A-1 and never used a winder, so I can't be of any help to you there.


-- Dan Carey (, March 29, 2001.


You can download (free of charge) the Canon A-1 manuals at:

These are English-language manuals from 1978 and 1983... you choose which is best for you. I'd get both to compare.

Also listed on that site are manuals for T-90, AE-1P, AT- 1, and one for the F1, I'm guess it's the non-new version... and there are various user manuals for motor winders, etc.

Hope that helps. Thanks to Christian Rollinger for making the site, and for the work/ers at for this wonderful community.


-- Joshua Martin (, March 29, 2001.

The link I gave above is for online-versions of the manuals. The link for Adobe PDF vesions of the manuals is listed on that page, or here:

'asta winnebago,

-- Joshua Martin (, March 29, 2001.

Just for some info, the motor drive for the A-1 doesn't rewind, only advances. You have to rewind manually.

-- Terry Carraway (, March 29, 2001.

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