Just Bought Konica Extension Bellows 2D :)

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Hi all,

Was wandering downtown Calgary yesterday doing some photography with my 15mm, and the pair of 135mm f2.5s (with different coatings to test out) when I came across a Konica Extension Bellows 2D in a used photography store.

I never been in that store before so I didn't think they had anything used really but there they were, never used and mint+ condition. They were priced at $100 CDN (I got them for $90 about $57 USD) and was happy.

The Konica Extension Bellows 2D seems to be the model before the Konica Auto Bellows (I think), it is the deluxe version and came with the side copier too.

Was playing around with them when I bought them home and the Autoring is really helpful in closing down the lens. It also came with 2 reversal rings too. The scale on the side says it is capable of going to 16x for a 52mm reverse mounted lens or 4x with a standard 135mm lens. I used it with the 135mm f2.5 lens I have it is just awesome. :)

I'm glad I found them (cheap, good Konica stuff is rare here) and picked them up, now I can do some serious macro photography. :)


-- Anonymous, March 29, 2001

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