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I have only a .dat file. How can i create a vcd that works on a vcd player

-- ronald (, March 29, 2001


You can use VCDGear to convert it to MPEG format.

-- VH (, March 29, 2001.

First off. A DAT is the extension That MS gives it. What you have is a video Stream. What kind? This is what you need to make!

You need to make a Mpeg1 VCD 1.1 or 2.0 compliant stream. Here is some info from our site! =============== INFO How 2 Burn VCDS & burn Programs!!!

8.) Burning A VideoCD Once you have your VideoCD compliant MPEG-1 file it isn't just a case of burning it to ISO9660 data CD. VideoCD's have a specific layout and need to be made with an application that can create a valid VideoCD image.

This is also a good point to mention CD-R media. I use Verbatim DataLifePlus for all my CD-R projects. Verbatim is the only CD-R media I have found that works for all my CD-R projects and is readable by all my target CD drives. I have yet to make a coaster due to media flaw with Verbatim and I have never seen any audio or video skipping with Verbatim either. Knowing that my media is never to blame eliminates one more thing to check when something does go wrong.

8.1) CD-R Software Burning a VideoCD is quite straight forward and several CD writing applications support the creation of VideoCD...

Warning! Adaptec Easy CD Creator 3.x totally sucks and blows for making VideoCD's. It almost always fails to recognize a valid MPEG-1 file. If you have problems with Adaptec Easy CD Creator 3.x don't email me about it! Complain to Adaptec or try one of the other packages listed below.

Nero or better

Easy CD Creator Deluxe 4.02

WinOnCD 3.6/3.7 - Standard and Power Edition

VideoPack 4.0

NTI CD-Maker Pro 3.6.x or better

VCDImager Win32 with CDRWin 3.x/DAO 3.x or Fire Burner 1.06



Fire Burner=

B's Recorder Gold 1.06se

8.2) Burning a VideoCD There are two ways to brun a VideoCD. You can simply burn a single VideoCD compliant MPEG-1 system stream to a CD-R, or you can author a fully Interactive VideoCD with clickable menus et al. This section cover the simple burning of a single MPEG video.

8.2.1 VCDImager and CDRWin. VCDImager Win32 is a tool for pre-mastering CDROM images suitable for being burned to CD recordables. It takes MPEG movie files as input and generates an image file and a cuesheet file which can be fed to any CD-recording program which understands the BIN/CUE-format, like CDRWin, DAO, cdrdao or Fire Burner.

In addition to one of the CD burning applications listed above, you will also need VCDImager Win32 0.4, Video-CD on CD-i 4.1.1 support files and the VCDImagerGUI 0.5. All of these are available from my VCDImager Win32 home page. Once you have downloaded all the files, extract them to the same directory.

Burning a VideoCD using VCDImager is a two step process. The first step is to make the BIN/CUE image with VCDImager and the second step is to burn that BIN/CUE with CDRWin, Fire Burner or other CD-R application that recognises the BIN/CUE format.

8.3) Burning Guides Making a VideoCD BIN/CUE with VCDImager 0.4 [8 x Images = 40kb] Burning a BIN/CUE with CDRWin 3.8b [7 x Images = 64kb] Burning a VideoCD with Nero [12 x Images = 156kb] Burning a VideoCD with WinOnCD 3.7 [8 x Images = 110kb] Burning a VideoCD with NTI CD Maker Pro 3.6 [7 x Images = 78kb]

-- thePest (, April 01, 2001.

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