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Steussie To Sign with Panthers

By Viking Update Staff

Date: 3/29/2001

VU learned Wednesday night that, while Denver and Cincinnati were preparing final pitches to sign former Viking Todd Steussie, the Carolina Panthers stepped up with the organization and the money that Steussie seeks and he'll sign today.

Since Todd Steussie was released by the Vikings, there were two schools of thought on where he would land -- one had him taking a one-year deal with AFC contender Denver for about $3.5 million, while another had him signing a long-term deal with woeful Cincinnati, which could offer him about $4.5 million a season.

Instead, he found a happy medium -- a team with the chance to be a contender and a long-term deal. VU learned from a source inside the Panthers organization that Steussie will likely be announced today as a new member of the Carolina franchise -- filling a huge hole in the Panthers offense and giving Steussie the job security he sought.

From what the source told VU, the contract is "very similar to the one he had with the Vikings" -- which was a five-year, $22 million deal. Steussie had expressed regret about leaving the Vikings, but felt he had at least five more years in him and now it looks like he'll be heading to Carolina to play those years out.

THURSDAY NOTES * The Vikings preseason schedule has been announced and will include two nationally televised games -- showing the Vikings are still a prime-time hit. The four-game preseason schedule will open Aug. 11 at San Antonio vs. the Saints on a game televised on ESPN. On Aug. 16, the Vikings play at home vs. the Steelers and again at the Metrodome Aug. 24 vs. Indianapolis in a nationally televised game on FOX. The preseason will close out Aug. 31 as the Vikings travel to Miami. * Owners voted in instant replay by a 25-5-1 vote Wednesday, giving it clearance for the next three years. Under league rules, if seven teams had voted against replay, it would have died. The five teams that voted against it were the Jets, Cardinals, Chiefs, Bengals and Bills. The one abstaining vote came from the Colts. * New Orleans G.M. Randy Mueller was named NFL Executive of the Year, receiving 16 of 31 votes. Dennis Gree

-- Mark (Karch, March 29, 2001

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