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what happend durning the '89 earth quake?

-- Rhgina Higgins (, March 29, 2001


I don't really think too much. Not as the news reports would have it. Mostly the power went out around town. Got to know friends a lot better.

-- ziggy (, March 29, 2001.

Well, a lot more happened than the power going out. If it was just that, the quake wouldn't have been much different from the rolling blackouts lately!

Among many other things, part of the Bay Bridge fell apart, the Marina District was on fire, the Nimitz Freeway collapsed, there was structural damage everywhere, and people were killed.


-- Scott Trimble (, April 12, 2001.

Cats hid behind stoves for days, restaurants on Chestnut Street served free food by candlelight, we walked in the Marina by the light of the full moon - and only the full moon. No sounds of traffic, no other light, no breeze. You had to be careful on north-south sidewalks and streets to avoid wrinkles in the asphalt or up-tilted cement. Some houses looked stupified that their third floors were down on the street.

With dawn, people gathered at Marina Junior School to volunteer for any need to phone, find, feed, transport, equip.

With dawn television crews and mobile trucks vied for places in front of the "designated rubble" at the intersection of Fillmore and Bay. One early-arriving producer from a Sacramento station wanted to get pictures of looting. Insisted his crew find looters. Unfortunately there weren't any around then but there was one later that morning. By the time people were coming to look at the damage, soldiers from the Presidio were on the streets in a semi-casual way. A young man went into a fallen house. Spectators pointed this out to soldiers. Soldiers handcuffed the young man, took him away. This was the whole looting story.

-- Jean Halvorsen (, April 25, 2001.

I was away when it happened, but I have family in Marin. Due to all the congestion of the phone lines I didn't reach them for two days. I guess alot of other people have family here too. I was in Iowa at the time and the first news I heard after the quake was that the world series was going to continue. (Oakland A's vs. S.F. giants) and that Candlestick park was undamaged. I hope this gives you a little "Color" for whatever you're doing.

-- Corey J. Smith (, December 12, 2001.

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