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okay i'm the one with the swing-set idea and i wanted to have my class be the judges because i thought it would be a neat experience and my friends would love it so please consider this again thank-you sarah

-- sarah (, March 29, 2001


Dear Sarah,

I'm glad you wrote this. My little girl turned two today. My wife and I was looking for a swing set that was appropriate for her current age and would last several years while she grew. As we plan to move in a couple years, I was hesitate about buying something big (and expensive) that I would have to move or leave behind.

I read your comment, grabeed my 9 year old son and went to the lumber yard. He did all the measuring, marking and bolting together. I did the cutting, assembling and squaring up. At the end of 3 hours, we had built a swing set that I can move if needed, looks good and she LOVED!

Thank you for making a present a real family matter!

Dan Denney Team Captain The Rust Renegades

-- Dan Denney (, March 29, 2001.


I like this idea. There are more than two different designs available. Can demonstrate levers, pulleys, and various simple machines at work, and if we build it, would have to hold over 400 pounds on the swing!

Keep submiting your ideas. We're not the guys that make the decisions, but we are the ones that would build it!(EXCEPT ANDY, He's one of "THEM") You have a better chance of getting the idea built than being "judges". But, since I've been wrongf numerous times before, you never know.

Ok guys, grab those pipes over there for a frame. Get those truck tires for swings, and that old winch off that Land Rover so we have cable to hang it! Wow!! A fully functional slide. . . Hmmm, looks like someone's been salting the yard again! Aw well!


-- Joey Falgout (Broadcast Junkies) (, March 29, 2001.

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