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I currently have a dazzle and am able to convert VHS to MPEG. I then write to a CDR using CD Creator Deluxe. When I put the CD into a DVD which allows a CDR to be read, the DVD says "no disc". After reading some posts, I saw reference to a "Video CD". Is there a specific disc that I need to use vs a CDR? If so, where do I find one. If I am way off, please provide guidance. Thanks...

-- Matthew Fordham (, March 29, 2001


First. Make sure that you are selecting VideoCD in EZCD rather than video postcard, data cd or using direct cd.

Second. Check out the DVD player database at to make sure that your DVD player will play CDr (or CDrw for that matter).

Third. Burn on CDrw if you can. My player doesn't officially support either CDr or CDrw but will play CDrw's. I discovered this after burning enough "no disk" CDr's to afford a CDrw burner.

-- me (, March 29, 2001.

Correct Snake

Just an add. Most any player will play CDr media. It's just a matter of finding which Cdr media will work! 1 note is to hold the disc up to the light. If you can see thru it so can your laser. As for the dye color. This doesn't play that as much of role. I personaly have reached over 550 burns and have used 25+ different Cdrs. Stay away from the TDKs & Sonys. Verbatim DataLifePlus, Memorix, & Prime Peripherals have worked with some better results. A CDrw has a foil backing which is why the work 99% of the time :)

-- thePest (, April 01, 2001.

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