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I just wanted to post how thrilled I am to get my FS1 repaired. I have three Konica bodies and over the last few years one by one they bite the dust. The FS1 was the last to go. A local repair shop said it was unrepairable. I called Konica and the refered me to Berry Pro Camera at 212-685-9334. The got it going again for $100 that included electical componets. He gets part out of other FS1s. I have always loved the profrmance of the Konica line. I really love the 55mm macro lens. It is really a stellar lens. I just bought a 135mm 3.5 I am looking forward to using, I got a real good deal on it. I have a newer Hexar that I love, but have an attatched 35mm lens it can never begin to replace their SLRs.

-- Anonymous, March 29, 2001

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