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Could anyone tell me how the new and old FD28-50/3.5 optical performance? is it flare? thanks in advance!

-- applens (, March 29, 2001



28-50mm f/3.5 SSC One of the BL lenses I got brand new as a "closeout" when the new FD mount version rendered this one "obsolete". I think I paid $175 for it in '79. Not a particularly wide zoom range, but covers some useful focal lengths, and at its introduction in July 1976 it was a fairly advanced lens. I have used this zoom quite a bit, and it has a slight peck in the front element and moderate cosmetic wear. Still it operates smoothly, feels solid as a rock and delivers great shots (good old BL mount). It has a macro feature which I could not care less about. Since getting the 35-105, I don't use this lens as much as I used to, but I really should given its very nice optical qualities. Contrast is much higher than average, great color saturation, low flare, not much (if any) astigmatism, a bit of vignetting at 28mm. And check out this resolution; very nice in the center at all settings, and quite useable at the edges.

This is not the case for the lens you will get your hands on, unless you test it. Make shure you can return your lens if it is not as good as this.

-- Řyvind Dahle (, February 28, 2002.

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