differences and similaritis between E.A.Poe and Stephen King's style of writting ASAP!!!!!

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I need to know what are the differences and similarities between Edgar Alan Poe and Stephen King's style of wrtting,before at laest 9:h00 tonight.

-- Anonymous, March 28, 2001


I know i'm late, but if you could still use it...

Poe and King do have very similar writing styles. Both go for chills, and suspense. both traipse into the macabre and even taboo areas of literature. But where Poe's literature seemed to always have a darker meaning, something just out of reach woven into the tail, King is very straightforward (usually, by no means always, point in case: The Green Mile, the Dark Tower Series) he goes for straight chills. Also Poe's work is very lyrical, many of his stories reading like almost like poetry. Again King is much more straight forward, using a blunt sometimes choppy style(but again, this does not always hold true). In short Poe and king did indeed have very similar styles of writting, but also distinct differences - many of which could be explained by the general change in literature over time, the public is drawn to a different style now than it was when Poe was writting, and a successful writter knows what the reader wants.

hope this was helpful and not too late.

-- Anonymous, March 30, 2001

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