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3/28 I need to coem up with a thesis for a paper on annabel lee. What do you think I could prove in this paper? It is due tommorow so please help fast! Thank you so much!

-- Anonymous, March 28, 2001


Allow me to offer to you a suggestion as your thesis:

Though life is but a temporary existence, and death inevitable, love shall prevail beyond death, if indeed it is true.

Through this paper, you could prove that despite the tragic loss of the narrator's love, he still loved her and was certain she loved him. A quotation if I may:

"And neither the angels in heaven above nor the demons down under the sea, shall ever dissever my soul from the soul of the beautiful Annabel Lee."

Here the author plainly states that their love is endless, and regardless of her death, it shall survive.

I hope that this may help you, and if you have further questions, I will be more than happy to assist you however I can.


-- Anonymous, March 28, 2001

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