Fees for postpartum doulas

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I am starting a postpartum doula business. I am unsure as to how much to charge for my services. I'm just @ the beginning stages and am gathering info. I am a Mom of 5 home birthed babies, all were breastfed exclusively. I currently work as a RN on a maternity floor.We are a LDRP. I rotate thru Labor, Post partum, and Nursery.I am CPR and NALS certified. Any and all advice is welcomed!! Diane

-- Diane Kerrigan (mins@adelphia.net), March 28, 2001



I believe the most common rate for a pp doula is about $30/hour. Starting out it may very well be significantly lower than that, perhaps closer to $10/hour. It also depends on your market. The fact that you are a nurse on the maternity floor and especially that you work in labor, pp & nursery, you definately have that edge to get higher rates. If I were you I would check out what the experienced pp doulas charge and base your fees on that because you are in no way entry level any nore than you would be an entry level nurse.

Tricia L. Saxbury, CD (AmDN) Babysteps@americandoulanetwork.com Baby Steps Birthing Solutions (Central MO)

-- Tricia Saxbury (babysteps@americandoulanetwork.com), May 28, 2001.

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