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How do you celebrate Maundy Thursday at your church? I normally have Foot-washing and Holy Communion Service with a lot of scripture reading and singing done by the congregation. Come and share your Maundy Thursday experiences. If you want to share your Good Friday service, please do so. Here in South Africa, most of our churches have a full three hour service - from 12noon till 3:00pm. We have seven preachers, each one preaching one of the Seven Last Words of Christ on the cross.Churches are usually packed and people stay for the duration of the service. As pastors, we exchange pulpits, and thus preach up to four sermons within three hours.I find it a joy and a blessing. Remember, Jesus loves you. Rev. Gregory J West

-- Anonymous, March 28, 2001


Rev. West, what is the purpose of Maundy Thursday, and where did the name come from? Thank you.

-- Anonymous, March 28, 2001

Sister Mary,thank you for the question. Maundy Thursday is observed by Christians in commemoration of Christ's Last Supper before His death and victory over death and the grave. The name Maundy is derived from the latin word "mandatum" which means "commandment". This day is also known as Holy Thursday. Remember, Christ commanded us to celebrate Holy Communion - partake of the body and blood - in rememberance of Him. The celebrant also washes the feet of 12 people - or everybody present - to commemorate Christ's washing of His disciples' feet. Members can also wash each other's feet. It is a sign of humility and servanthood. Christ came to serve, and so do we as Christians. Once again, thank you sister Mary. Jesus loves you.

-- Anonymous, March 29, 2001

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