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Hi everyone,

Im looking for any experts who know how to use Adobe after affects or Boris reid. These softwares are very useful in creating multiple moving footages on a single screen. If anyone has ever seen the trainspotting dvd you would have seen the top class authored chapter menu where each specific part of a film is played in different numbered boxes. My idea is very similar to that. Spruce Maestro dvd is what i use now to create short mpeg2 files which i then intend to re encode to mpeg1 to burn as vcd. All i want is to have menus or chapter menus with a SHORT mpeg video rather than just a still image. If anyone else is interested in acheiving this effect on vcds then let me know and i will tell you some sites where you can download these kind of softwares. Many thanks to all.


-- Sharky (, March 27, 2001


just an extract from

What you need: - just Premiere 5.1 is enough - NO further plugin needed, no Boris, no nothing - but full version to allow more than 2 video tracks

Howto: - import your clips into media asset bin - create additional video tracks, click on the small triangle at the very far right upper corner of the timeline window and choose Timeline Options/Track Options, now add your videotracks, one per button needed - import your video clips into the tracks just created - the videotrack No.: 1 will become your background - now right click every clip you want to become a video-button, one by one and do it top down, good for preview (since the video is shown layer by layer top down) - choose Video/Motion... - in the window (now popping up) choose show all, just for preview - set the parameters for your buttons * first the centre start point (the centre of the view area is 0,0) * choose appropriate offsets for your buttons * and choose the zoom, 15-20% is a good value * you have to do this two times per clip/button one at the inframe and second at the outframe, so use the slider to move to the keyframes (you can even create more keyframes or zoom in/out your buttons, crazy... * repeat this for every clip/button with (for sure) different offsets * I did the following 9 buttons (NR - x,y,zoom) 1 - -20,20,15% 2 - 0,20,15% 3 - 20,20,15% 4 - -20,0,15% 5 - 0,0,15% 6 - 20,0,15% 7 - -20,-20,15% 8 - 0,-20,15% 9 - 20,-20,15%

comprende ???

- You can save your settings for later use, the next menu !!!!!!!!! - don't bother with the small squares, you can't adjust appropriately with them, use the textinput boxes for setting - load your background clip in videotrack 1 - encode with e.g. CinemaCraft, here comes the very big advantage, NO NEED TO RENDER the new clip, you can encode from timeline ! - set high bitrate, since there are many small details, the encoder needs pretty much bitrate (I set 1000/3500/8000, min/avg/max., 3-pass VBR, Quality to 0 = maximum) -> great result

What else: nothing, just import into the DVD authoring program and enjoy, this was very fast done, great result, you can put the audio for the animated video just below the animated buttons and encode with your favoured MP2 encoder from the Premiere timeline as well, that synchronises the audio automatically

I hope this helps u. I do want to know how and with what software to add menus to vcd or sVCD.

btw I have scenarist but not maestro. Is it possible to exchange progs if u dont have scenarist?

Regards Mike

-- Vouros Mike (, May 10, 2001.

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