what was poe going though when he wrote Annabel Lee?

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I need to know asap....tonight would be best (3/26) what Poe was going through in his life when he wrote Annabel Lee. Did he write it because of a death, or was it just becasue. Any insight to this question would be very helpful, thank you -Ali

-- Anonymous, March 26, 2001


Poe, his whole life long, had indeed suffered from mental maladies such as melancholia (depression), and the traces thereof are certianly evident in this marvelous poem. Annabel Lee is, in effect, his late wife, Virginia Clemm (also his cousin), who died not terribly long after they were married (she died of tuberculosis). The poem symbolizes the love that was had between them, and how even though death may separate them, their love is still the strongest there ever should be. Poe was indeed lost in the abismal malestrom of sorrow at the time of her loss, and this bittersweet composition portrays his feeling of love, loss, and belief that love survives beyond the claim of death. I hope that this has helped you.


-- Anonymous, March 26, 2001

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