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hey , i think u should have the teams build bridges and have them tested to see which one comes out in the end still standing, maybee test them with wind or weight or by homemade vehicles also biult by the teams



It was done, Derek. Two teams had to build not only the bridges, but the transport machines to get them to the location and a means to get them across the chasm. They had to span the gap, all team members had to get across, and then they had to bring the ENTIRE machine across. Twice, as I recall. It was quite a show.

-- Chip Haynes (, March 26, 2001.


If you had read the initial message you would see that what he was proposing has not been done. He wants to see who can build the bridge that can hold the most weight - not a bridging machine.

-- Danny (, September 17, 2001.

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