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This site is my Revelation! It took me several sittings on my 8 year old pc (symptomatic, eh?) to get through all this sheer minutae. So after nearly 40 years in the desert, I have arrived! My story in a nutshell: My most cherished toy during my childhood was a circa 1960 Konica S, brought overseas from my father. Baptism came in 1978 when I bought my black NT-3, which Konica just discontinued, from mail order. Toting my T3 everyday to school, I endured watching my schoolmates bedazzling themselves with the bells and whistles of their brand new Minoltas - Motorwind! Multimode! etc.! - until I always ended the debate with my creed of "Konica Superiority". Ever since one step or two behind the times, I spent the next 20 odd years buying all things Konica that I could. The 80s were the best time, when the hock stores and the old Shutterbug camera dealers were selling these treasures cheap. Nothing was beneath me - Reg 8, Super 8, enlarging lens, WARDS rfs and slrs, konipaks, konilettes pearl(ettes), it never ends! My wish for you site enthusiasts is to see that looking at all things Konica is equal to looking through them. For you pragmatists, I do value my FT-1 Motor as a 35mm slr that has carried me to this day. The p & s crowd of 1979 little noted the novelties like alkaline battery grips or instant film loading when Konica's FS-1 made its debut, but (and this is the eternal one) why hasn't the 35mm world of today thanked Konica for its creative imput from 1873 on? Thank you all for your patience.

-- Anonymous, March 26, 2001



Hi Chas,

Welcome to the BB... Sounds like you are tried & true Konica fanatic like a few others who drop in here! Sometime tell us a little more about the Konica stuff you are using these days.

Alan Myers San Jose, Calif.

-- Anonymous, March 27, 2001

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