When was the first commercial use of motorized wagons in :S:.F.?

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Cities in the East were using horseless wagons in 1908. When did San Francisco have goodo enough streets to use motor driven trucks? Automobiles for personal use, of course were available before streets throughout the city could accomoodate them.

-- Jeannette Flynn (fanjan@starstream.net), March 26, 2001


No idea when they first appeared, but they were in use by 1912. Oh, for what it's worth, the motorcycle has been in the city for over a hundred years. The San Francisco Motorcycle Club, the second oldest motorcycle club in North America, is celebrating it's 100th anniversary this year (2004). We have an up-to-date, progressive city, if you ask me.

-- Jennette Flynn (fanjan@starsream.net), April 30, 2004.

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