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I am searching for Poe's "Baby Brother" poem... "Say, I've got a baby brother, Didn't ask to have him nother; but he's here.... Pa just went to town and bought him; the other night the doctor brought him; isn't that queer? ...........

I have searched and can't seem to find the "unusal for Poe" poem. Thanks!

-- Anonymous, March 26, 2001



Not only is this poem unusual for Poe, I would say very improbable. But then, there are many poems that have been atrributed to Poe and either accepted or rejected by Poe scholars down through the years. One humorous poem that has been accepted with reservations is "Epigram for Wall Street", a little poem about the sure way to "in crease" your money.

I'll tell you a plan for gaining wealth,

Better than banking, trade or leases

Take a bank note and fold it up,

And then you will find your money in creases!

This wonderful plan, without danger or loss,

Keeps your cash in your hands, where nothing can trouble it;

And every time that you fold it across,

'Tis as plain as the light of the day that you double it!


-- Anonymous, March 28, 2001

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