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Thanks Mehmet, Well, my source is from my Sony Hi8 camcorder. My capture hardware/software is a Dazzle DVC2. The software is the MovieStar software that comes with the Dazzle. I then use Nero 5.?? to burn the CD. Using the profile that is built into the MovieStar software called SVCD, it defaults to 480x480- MPEG-2 at about 2.4 mbps. My problem is at this size capture, it only fills my TV screen a little over half way left to right during playback of the finished SVCD. Is this normal for a SVCD?

Thanks, -bob

-- Bob Hazel (, March 26, 2001


Bob, Somehow it looks like this is a new thread to your original. Please check the original thread. I might have given you the answer there.

-- Rich (, March 27, 2001.

Hi Bob, Well the boss left the office so I had some spare time to search the web for you. Eric's web site is:

He explains the whole situation with Dazzle, ATI and TMPGenc encoders and this playback problem. You can also download the patch there.

Cheers ..

-- Rich (, March 27, 2001.


No, the SCVD should be plaback full TV screen size. This is due to the DVD Player you are using. Maybe ask the manufacturer service centre for a software update that will solve the problem.

You can also download it from their web-ssite and burn an update CD to update yourself. Pretty easy.

-- Lawrence Lim (, August 16, 2001.

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